Sports Elite Training’s Philosophy

SET’S philosophy is to provide the highest quality service to the athlete by customizing a program with the purpose of preventing injuries and optimizing performance that will lead the athlete to achieve in the safest, most effective, and efficient way possible his/her athletic objectives and goals.

 Sports Elite Training’s Roots


Sports Elite Training methodology is designed to increment power, explosiveness, speed, reaction, quickness, and agility through the combination of different components of fitness such as balance training, plyometric progressions, circuit/functional training, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).


For Sports Elite Training the concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any sport. Working as a unified team we create the backbone of a team working as one cohesive unit.  This is one of the keys in achieving fitness goals at any level.


For Sports Elite Training the concept of support is to maintain and protect the athlete’s fitness/athletic goals. SET will encourage confidence to maintain and produce passion about the desired fitness/athletic objective.

 Injury Prevention

Sports Elite Training is committed to promote a safe and optimal environment/training session for the athlete in order to prevent any injury so that the athlete can perform and compete at his/her optimal, healthiest elite level.